A Snake's Life

A Snake's Life 2.2

This good remake of the classic snake game manages to surprise pleasantly
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A Snake's Life is a remake of the classic snake game. Most attempts at making this popular game better usually fail. This is one of the exceptions.
Some parts of the graphics are great (e.g. the scenery), others are just average. The sound effects and the music are good and add to the atmosphere. Most of the animations are smooth and pleasant to the eyes.

The gameplay has some interesting characteristics and differs slightly from the original. When you bump in walls or other parts of the scenery, instead of losing a life, the snake just stops until you press another key and move in any available direction. Some players can view this as a disadvantage because it lowers the difficulty of the game. However, the difficulty is increased by other factors like some types of food that increase the length of the snake considerably or food that is moving fast and is hard to catch.

The control of your game character seems to have a drawback (it depends on the player’s style): there’s some lag between pressing a key and going a certain direction. It takes a while to adapt to this and learn to select your moves some fractions of a second early.

In conclusion, this is a good remake of the classic snake game. It’s a little bit better, and a little bit different and it can keep you playing for hours if you’re a fan.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Attractive graphics
  • Interesting maps/food/gameplay
  • Light on system resources
  • Nice music and sound effects


  • Fullscreen resolution just 640x480
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